Alexandria Minnesota dissection suppliers

Inappropriate and discordant
They have clearly lost their rag
So detached from reality
Rapidly they flag
Their hostility and antipathy
Clearly poles apart
Arrogance personified
Born with a stone cold heart

There can be,no similarity
With humanity today
They have nothing in common
Their divergence is a way
Up and out of focus
Their inferiority
Sub standard in the brain dept
They would have to be

The business is dissection
Drowning pigeons they
Can take up to ten minutes
Hyperventilating way
Past just total agony
Their stuggle against the odds
Dipped in vats of water
By truly miserable sods

Injecting some live crayfish
With liquid latex dye
Imagine what that feels like
I really bet thats high
Up on the wicked nasty evil rotten
Scheme of things
And you are paid to do this
For the satisfaction that it brings

How frozen turtles come back to life
The callowness they preach
Their helplessness apparent
But still these bastards reach
The failure the unconsciousness
The paraplegic state
Smothered throttled strangled
Watched as they deflate

With their burly biceps
They struggle to drown them they
Get them in a vicelike grip
So they cannot get away
Great fat gutted arses
With little in their soul
But unnecessary strong arm tactics
Used just to control

A dying bird in panic
Gulping in what air
Pushed under the water
Is anyone aware
Of the rigours of the desperation
Rallying to fight
Whilst being bruised to buggery
Which clearly isnt right

Bio corporation as insensitive as hell
They have no heart they have no soul
They are out if control
Employing languid specimens
With spirits worn away
With an empty space between their ears
Growing darker by the day

Dealers in death and cruelty
For schools to cut and tear
Dissection can you believe that
How can that be fair
How can any CEO be in charge of that
And how can employees carry out
Not knowing where they are at

The splutter and the intrusion
Does murdering appeal?
Garrotting being lethal
I mean how do they feel
Cold and truly callous
Impassive through and through
Hardened by their action
All the shit they do

It is a house of horrors
Thats if you ask me
Even writing about it
Makes me want to be
As far away from this place
Where mindlessness is fraught
With intellectual suicide
And an absence of pure thought

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