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These so conservationists Who go out late at night Shooting our beloved roo’s In the pale moonlight Aiming at big males Because thats the thing to do But actually hitting females And squashing joeys too And pinkies also in the … Continue reading

Piglet stuck in a gate

A baby pig Malnourished he Got stuck in a gate For all to see On a farm where pigs Are guiltless souls Blameless, sucklings Yes their roles In life are small Creation made them one and all Unspotted, unblemished Free … Continue reading

The Kudu who met an angel

State of grace Freedom from blame Innocuous but far from tame A majestic kudu Tried to leap A fence and found It was to steep One, GrantPengilly Passing by Saw the mishap And went to try And free the soul … Continue reading

Iberian lynx

Prey animals and predators Are what Nature’s about Its balance its all worked out Infact there is no doubt Man is bloody arrogant To clever yes by far He also fucks up always He is definately no star Hunters talk … Continue reading

Zoos who murder animals

ZOo’s who kill their animals For me will never be Anything to do with kindness And most I hope agree The innocence the purity of heart Their state of grace Rewarded by the zoo Where they were born What a … Continue reading

Bruins ruin

Huntsmen give the impression they are snooty Such nobility always on the right side Of the law full on integrity Its their sense of honour Being top knotch but we know Anyone caught hunting foxes Is in my book really … Continue reading


I deign to feel the immortal worth For I Believe the word used was pomp and circumstance Of Kangaroos How absurd a mascot and an iconic one A truly marvellous sight Of mobs who crash on through the bush On … Continue reading

Man eating TIGER of the Sundabans

Amber eyes Light bearer dazzles The Sundabans Its mangroves where A shooting star and avid fireball A lightening flash and so aware Hiding in dense forest Waiting Cadmium henna ochre blush Striped and handsome Such an image Shadowy before the … Continue reading

Yulunga spirit dance carla corsi and Davide Coreste

Streams of consciousness Prevailing, skywards Meandering reticulation The labyrinth its true obliqueness Waviness and undulation Spirit dancer Great caldera watch now as its spewing fire Masked up tribesman Ghost masks vivid Trees and mountains Ever higher Softness sleekness Glassy calmness … Continue reading

East London Zoo, Beaconsfield Road E London East Cape

Its more like an internment camp Than a flourishing healthy zoo Poor behavioural enrichments Barren concretes do Little to enhance the lives Of animals alas Neglected obviously hungry Sickly there enmasse Cages dark and dingy No fresh water around It … Continue reading