Wood ants of the jura and their ability to make ANTibiotics

Material existence
The fundamental show
Under the sun the living god
The so enduring glow
They seem indestructible
Subsisting as they do
Essentially one great big family
Tangible and true

A colony of wood ants
The thought of war and peace
A natural disposition
A deep-rooted release
The mound is on the mountain
Covered in deep snow
From the insects now below

A divergence from the commonplace
For several queens we see
And as Spring takes a shine upon
The mound then rapidly
The workers come to experience
The marvel of the sun
Absorbing solar magic
When the day is done

A consistency of purpose
Unfailing in their need
Their treadmill of movement
Helps them to succeed
They warm up everyone of them
A transference of heat
Which become mass central heating
In the colony complete

Like re charging their batteries
A kind of U V cure
They all enjoy sun bathing
Outside is the lure
Even the queens take in the
Solar energy
Before revisiting chambers
Where they all live constantly

Selfless cooperation
Is embodied in their stance
Harvesting the sunlight
Though nothing done by chance
Clearly this regimentation
Are tried and tested and they
Seem aligned to the rhythmic
Where every ant does play

Its part the queens are laying
The meadows up above
Are blossoming with wild flowers
Such evidence of love
Of creativeness and freshness
The snow melting away
The equation of each moment
Meets the order of each day

The colony of super ants
Meet with another clan
And war endues its not good news
But a concerted plan
Of action is created
Far ranging now it be
With armies sizing each other up
Which seems extraordinary

The swords are out and clashes
Begin in earnest they
Fight to the death
Their formic loads
Squirted rapidly
Dissolving the enemies organs
As they grapple and restrain
Who is to be the superior ones
And the spoils to gain

Meanwhile the eggs are hatching
The larvae need to be
Given trophallaxis
Fed and just to see
The true regurgitation
The sharing that takes place
A society of half a billion
A figure hard to face

The bells can be heard ringing
The cows are on their way
Grazing in the meadows
Where they will want to stay
Amongst the lush green pastures
The ants too feeling need
To hunt down fleshy insects
And with their numbers
They succeed

The cows can be a nuisance
Disturbing the mounds as they
Graze and so the workers
Collectively they spray
Their formic acid hoses
Which does upset the cows
Ofcourse it does get up their nose
So does have certain powers

In the forests there are Spruce Trees
With peculiar gifts to give
Sap that aphids then create
And theycan really live
On honeydew the aphids
Are for them the dairy cow
The ants milk them
Like crazy which is really how

The trees the ants the aphids
Create their symphony
The music of creation
The climate actually
Raising heat awareness
The ants also they do
Collect the flakes of medicated resin
They are true

To healing using medicine
ANTibiotics they
Work in collaboration
Its their kind of judgement day
They are so effective
And highly organised
Which is why they are successful
And never ill advised

“Its one for all
And all for one”
Miniature musketeers
Their loyalty and fidelity
Really it appears
To dominate society
And build supremacy
With their upper hand
And their rich reserves
They retain authority

These colonies of super ants
Are the growing trend and we
Perhaps can learn a great deal
As they extend their territory
Reduce the need for war games
And look ahead to peace
A programming of the positive
For when the wars do cease

Stability is possible
Females develop wings
Their nuptial flights
To establish an extension
Now that brings
Their pheremones into action
And attracts the so called kings

The males to mate and pass on genes
Before infact they die
The queens may enter other mounds
Of field ants by and by
And hopefully be accepted
And by so doing increase the range
Advance the super colony
And subsequently exchange

Stranger things have happened
But it surely does appear
The ants are realizing
There’s more to life than fear
And as they extend their territory
The future apparently
gives rise for greater numbers
And positivity

Maybe when de Pop takes most humans out
The ant aliens will take over

Inspired by the BBC programne recently aired
By David Attenborough

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