Radioactive mud

EDF energy
Has got a job to do
Lift 300,000 tons of radio
Active mud
A view

that puts quite a few
Noses out of joint it seems to me
Coming out from Hinkley Point
And it is going to be

Dumped a mile from Cardiff
At Cardiff grounds I hear
To make way for extensive pipes
And cooling intakes near

To where the huge new nuclear power
Plant will be built oh dear
The risks associated with this site
Does Create lots of fear

So what if the people from Cardiff
And bathers in the sea
And what about the fishes´╝č
And the fauna can it be

300,000 tons of radioactive mud
Can be
just dropped from a great height
And harm nothing actually?

So its all about the access for piping
Oh I see
Thats the reason otherwise
the brand new facility

Won’t be fit for purpose
So move the mud away
Stick it close to cardiff
And to the people say

Look we have to dump it somewhere
And since all else fails
We had a game of russian roulette
And the place that won was Wales

If there are pockets of cancer
Or crabs with 20 eyes
40 legs and speaking french
We will say all lies

Its nothing to do with moving mud
No nothing at all
So go back to your rugby and leeks
And just give us a call

If there is a problem
We are french and we shall be
Over the channel And far away
Viva la france we’re free

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