Nyirmacibiri( the lone women who lived on the mountain)

Her inclination was to serve
With a penchant for those who
Were known to be the voiceless tribes
Receptive through and through
She had the enthusiasm and the dedication
And she
Was one of the so called “trimates”
Louis Leakey’s three

Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall Birute Galdikas
Predisposed and amenable delighted really to
Spend their lives with primates
In the wild all three were true
Resolute and determined
To take on any foe
To fight the cause for primates
Where each of them did go

Dian had been a healing women
In her former years
Concerned with Appalachian children
Always prepared to share her tears
With those disabled whom she saw
Locked in their physical cage
Their frustration and their hours of angst
For her were off the page

When asked to go to Africa
And study the Gorillas there
She grasped the chance with open arms
For she shared in their despair
Amazingly powerful social tribes
Poached and hunted down
By ignorance and arrogance
That seemingly did drown

She had so much tenacity
Able to soldier on
Assiduous and dogged
She was gutsy she was gone
On helping the gorillas
She was purposeful and game
And when she got to Africa
She was their brightest flame

The locals soon knew of her
Her obstinacy would serve
You need that single mindedness
And all that innate nerve
You need that immovability
That toughness which she had
And with her love and caring
It was all the more sad

That some coward some vile specimen
Should have crept up on her and
Bludgeoned her to death a women all alone
That hand
That swung that darkly weapon
Clearly a sickly soul
Paid by some misanthropist
Who had lost all control

Who was so entrenched in evil
With pitiless regard
Unmoved by her philanthropy
Someone very hard
Someone very vicious
With a callous streak
Who basically bashed her brains out
The stoney- hearted freak

In 1967 she founded Karisoke
A research centre where she would
Work for 18 solid years
Alone there on the mountain
Her reservoir of tears
By the heartlessness of poachers
And hunters who
Murdered the wild animals
As we all know they do

She learned and spoke swahili
The Natural World was why
She wanted to work in Nature
Undeniably to try
To get close to the wild one’s
For she understood their plight
Like those children in Appalachia
Who developed such forsight
But really couldnt venture
Out of their shackles and she
Wanted to help them to live their lives
In perfect harmony

But with human beings prevalent
Nirvana it was not
Arrogance and selfisness
And greed there was a lot
She felt she could make a difference
A kind of visionary
She had the conviction
To thwart the inanity

That really was her driving force
Her personality
She developed such a kinship with the apes
And she could be
One of them as if a human being
Truly could
Be mutually respected
And genuinely good

She observed them
And she listened
And she nurtured them each day
And they became reciprocal
In a natural way
Humility was clear to all
And a bond was formed
Some became inseparable
For all of them soon warmed

To Dian to her conformity
And her companionship
And over time trust grew between them
Eternity let rip
A feeling of togetherness
Of everlasting care
Reality proves Gorillas
Were glad that she was there

For feelings that are constant
Of the everlasting kind
Animals pick up on them
Their senses intertwined
That permanence is appreciated
Its entrenched in spirit and they
Would follow her and befriend her
And want to with her stay

The animal psyche likes this
When continuance is there
Its immutable and lasting
Though actually quite rare
But this was Dian’s quality
They were her destiny
The purest serendipity
All around her there

She had that drive and vigour
And potentiality
She was prepared to study
She had that capacity
To not give up despite the problems
A mightiness within
And she took on all the politics
And the armies drunk on sin

Violence was all around her
The destructiveness of man
Anything but kind to the wild animals
She no fan
Of poaching and of hunting
Of the bush meat trade and she
Took them on and spoke her mind
Its how she had to be

On the 27th of December 1965
She was brutally put to death
No one could survive
The unintelligible beating
That Dian suffered there
Alone upon her mountain
Her home her space her lair

Can you read it without tears
In your eyes i can,t

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