Aesthetics of Japan and how they deal with it in Taiji

A harmony of sorts
Transient its natures way
Of contemplating thoughts

The ocean
And its inhabitants
An integral part of life
Taiji and its fisherfolk
Set to,to harbour strife

The true wholeness of nature
The ethic that abounds
It should be admired and appreciated
All its many sounds

Wabi sabi the mindful ones
Taiji it appears to me
Their mindlessness no subtlety
Moronic in a wanting way
Inanity And much dismay

Yugen the graceful dolphins fly
Profound their loyalty is high
Without pretense so by and by
And yet in Taiji they must die

The elimination of absurdity
For me now, apparently
Taiji’s sense has lost its way
The cerebration shows some decay

Slavery unreasoning modes
Unobservant of the roads
Beyond the soul the tactless fall
Apathetic to the call

Restless clearly
and disregarding
The seijaku that needed guarding

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