The Carmichael Mine STOP ADANI in their tracks

I just see inexpediency
And inadvisability
It just feels so unseemly
And untimely

In Mundra thats in India
A coal power plant was built
Adani were the company
Who have denied all guilt
They overstepped their mark we hear
The environment lost out
Destroyed all of the mangroves
And of course what thats about

Negative repercussions
A backlash that we see
Attributed to their workings
The resultant legacy
The local people suffering
The environment aware
They overstepped their mark tis said
And didnt seem to care

The local people hate them
Their livelyhood no more
Destruction and disruption
What was it all for
And so they warn Australia
Stop Adani in their tracks
They have ruined Mundra
And for that do not relax

The sea water is polluted
Much less fish about
Bribery and corruption
The rules people did flout
Their agriculture once thriving
And now it is no more
Everywhere is desolate
And the people have been made poor

They will not do what they say they will do
And the great barrier reef
Will suffer you can bet on that
In time there will be such grief
As for the labour party
They will have lost their way
And sixty years of mining
Will see everybody pay

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