Samhain at rollrights 5/11/2017

Its very hard to quantify
The druid ceremony
Its has a basic formula
But it changes constantly
The philosophy of existence
Born out by those who come
A realness of each moment
Undeniable for some

You leave the road and walk
To where the great stones
They all be
A flush of brimstone in the east
On every single tree
The West presents its greenery
And behind an unleashed sun
An orb of amazing brilliance
That really can only stun

The moles had clearly felt
The pang of winter down below
Fresh red mounds there in the east
These blind souls clearly know
Fresh green lichens growing
On the stones where they
Are clearly giving testament
To the clean air and the fae

Samhain ritual about to start
And many people here
Robed and masked friends who were asked
The perspective very clear
A cold and frosty welcome
A crispness overhead
A wind that finds the crevices
As we are slowly led

Into and around the circle
Lots of chidren too
Two souls from the canine tribe
Take their place to view
The fire thats burning brightly
As our warm breaths heat the air
We all hold hands and meditate
On collectively being there

This a coming together of strangers
Who are friends
Enclosed by a ring of ancient stones
That alone just sends
Ripples through the emotions
Imagining all before
And feeling all the energy
And of being in the raw

We hear the arch druids welcome
Resplendent she in white
She calls for peace
As is our quest
And opens the quarters
The might
It is clear we receive those energies
Ancestral maybe so
But this is a sacred universe
As all of here now know

Three ladies clad in flowing forms
Perform their lantern dance
To the sounds of magickal music
To be, given the chance
Of their blessed transfusion
In astrality and soul
Creates in one a purity
So Respecting of their role

Home made shortbread apricots
Bread pudding and mead
Druidic ceremonial food
That all of us will need
The bard he reads his poem
That searches every ear
To listen and to question
Why we all are here

Standing with the spirits
Feeling them around
Onwards to the speaking stick
Feet firmly on the ground
We hear from many a stranger
Who has become a friend
A poem or two to contemplate
And then for us to send
Our messages to those who have
Passed blessings via the fire
The druids prayer
We all did share
As the flames licked higher

All the while the students
Were filming as we know
Virtuous and decent
Their sincerity did grow
Closing off the quarters
Then our ho ho ho
The revelation that 70 of us
Had shared time which did show

Then we lit some sparklers
And The child within us all
Held sway with the fading light
The full moon we did call
Her wondrous face apparent
And her compensatory smile
Took us from the circle
Back to our home in style.

7 comments on “Samhain at rollrights 5/11/2017

  1. Paula Stephens on said:

    A beautifully written poem Rex, one to keep you listening to the end. Thank you for your wisdom. X

  2. Gabrielle on said:

    Beautiful and evocative as always Rex. How blessed I am to have you to paint a glorious picture when I can’t be there. Xxx

  3. You my dear are always here your spirit your aura just you

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