Loro parque( Parrot park)

It might have started off as an experiment
A vast zoo complex bigger than before
Basically housing 4000 parrots
Dolphins Penguins Orca’s Sharks and more
And all of this on some 33 acres
On Tenerife the Canary Islands where
A lot of controversy which is warranted
Has happened causing many much despair

6 killer whales abused in shows until
Mindlessness took heed
Using them for aquatic shows
Related more to greed
Than scientific research
Which is where they went wrong
And brought about such arrogance
Where they did not belong

Calves have died controversy
Reigned and a trainer died
Others have been injured
For a time all that denied
Killer whales are wild cetaceans
And never ever should
Be kept in tanks in zoo parks
For that cannot be good

Adan Morgan Vicky, they
Sadly had to suffer
All along the way
To me a lack of consciousness
A mindset and a wheeze
That just became an obsession
Hopeful it would please

A thai village and an orchid park
Big cats great apes too
Sea lions alligators
This is one huge zoo
Contrary to reason
Wild souls need to be
Wild in their own habitat
Not in cages seems to me

Its irrational and unreasoned
Unwarranted and unsound
They argue in their circle
And, cover the ground
With many miscalculations
Poor judgement on a scale
Of trying to blend an animals life
With just making a sale

It is short-termism its injustice
For those who
Become just victims actually
With a jaundiced eye we view
A business operating
With its animals live and true
Who suffer really there is no doubt
From the workings of a zoo

A naivete its everywhere
Easily duped we are
A lack of knowledge a lack of education
It is by far
Unfamiliararity crass ignorance and more
Oblivious to nature
Unversed and just raw

Wild souls need their wildness
It is folly otherwise
The ignorance of visitors
Who will not realise
The superficiality
The indiscretions too
Its pointless to hold animals
In the confines of a zoo

In this day and age
We have to feel
The error of their ways
Corporations serve their boards
And really all that plays
Into stocks and shareholders
Not the animals alas
Who suffer from our insanity
And from what is generally crass

Uncontrolled imagination
Visualization moral sensibility
Its missing from these areas
It truly is unreal
Unsubstantial and notional
Hypothetical I feel

Far beyond their sell by date
Phantoms from long ago
Meaningless and nonsensical
How can we build a show
Out of living creatures
Stolen from their place of birth
And caged up in surroundings
That for them have little worth

Its misinterpretation
The wrong end of the stick
Orca’s in a bath tub
Proves to me how thick
How misunderstood the creatures are
And, what they go through
No wonder they snap and injure trainers
Really its nothing new

Dont go there zoo’s of this kind
Are cruel places where they
Imprison all the animals
Who become their display
Confined in the purdah
Its underhand and wrong
Dont ever buy a ticket
For the animals don’t belong


Inspired by Kimberely’s message to me yesterday

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  1. Kimberly on said:

    Thank you for the share Rex

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