Matilde and Lisa two faeries I knew
They danced where the toadstools and
Mushroom rings grew
With magickal enchantments some Mortals can see
And are often bewitched by their curious qi

The souls of the plant kingdom cometh and they
If we stay silent in the darkness some say
The true elementals the spiritual who
Practice plant magic
May come sailing through

Undines and sprites are a jolly old crowd
With gossamer threads and a mystical shroud
They float high above the tree tops to where
They can protect in the unfolding air

Rex was a gnome who lived under a rock
With a knowing eye and he kept a flock
Of dragonflies blue bodied aquamarine
Inner light aura’s from the faery queen

Above all of this world the cloud faeries they
Lived in the imaginary world far away
Sunset and sunrise oh yes it was true
When the faeries do dance the sky seems so blue

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