Abusive industry tries to use women to extricate itself but fails miserably in my book

I literally couldnt take in what I read
As to why dairy farmers believe
They can produce cheese call it After some women
And, By so doing achieve
For me this is pure notoriety
Seeking validation, infact
On a product involving abuse and torture
And so This is now how I react

Dairy is a dubious business
Obscured by the factor that they
Work with mostly female animals
Who suffer so much everyday
To hide behind women of substance
Brings a weedy meninism to be
Something thats baseless and groundless
And really imaginary

The term feminism was coined
by a man a Utopian Socialist he
Came up with this word in 1837
then Carol Harisch came to be
A second coming of influence
But honestly a programmed affair
And these dairy farmers
What they are doing
Its insufferable nonsense
i share

Once again men have Shown
Created a movement of sorts
We dont need their crap in our lives
Really do we
We can create with our thoughts
And so many women take it to heart
And think they can eat like a man
Who wants to eat all this blood flesh
And thunder
That really wasn’t the plan

Cheese being named by the famous
Women perhaps of our time
Takes from them so much
And shows me how out of touch
The dairies are that they now climb
Out of the rape and the kidnap
The outstanding abuse that they give
Even to use the stomach of calves
Take the rennet and babies won’t live!

The rape rack imagine the violence
Kidnapping imagine the pain
Vaccination imagine the sickness they feel
Imprisoned in feed lots again
Sent off to the death camps for slaughter
Imagine all that and believe
That by having the audacity to reign in
Some women
They help themselves to achieve

Sales, profit margins and continuance, I
a real lack of substance will you apply
yourselves as a movement of women and say
You wont use our names to help them to pay
Such an abstraction a hollowness
Without foundation and characterless

Our visibility is solid and true
We work bloody hard for all that we do
Thats the nitty gritty the real entity
We are phenoMENal intrinsically
Abusing the animals as the dairies do
Is wrong we are strong we abhor and thats true
The cruelty and the abuse and the pain
And The torture of females again and again

Its unrelatedness and a dissociation
Intrusive and untimely
Calling female creation
Its an irrelevance detached and wrong
And such a misnomer just doesn’t belong
In the same world as women
Its discordant and we
Take issue its shocking to actually see

As for Hillary Clinton to name as a cheese
After her blimey that makes me wheese
Her darkly aura holds little for sales
And is propped up by too many abusive males
Some of the other souls would be I am sure
Very upset deep down in their core

Feminist cheese the terms that was used
For me a male poet it leaves me confused
Sick in my stomach that females should be
Supporting what is a cruel industry
Its a world of difference such hostility
A real confrontation on all fronts for me
As different as chalk and cheese contrarily
What is pure and simple true disharmony.

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