We are very different

Really we are very different
Rabbits have short ears
And I
Have long ears with black tips
I am very different
And if you look into my eye

Their eyes are dark mine is amber
When they run their tails
In the air
When I run I run like the clappers
Tail down I am very aware

Rabbits build burrows
They live underground
But I live above all the time
They are born blind
But we can all see
The field out ahead
And the sway of the tree

I am a Hare a proud
Earthly soul
With all sorts of names
But you should see me go
I love the chickweed and
Shepherds purse too
Its spicy in character
And good and true

Since 2004
I am safer by far
From hunters and coarsers
We know who they are
Wretched vile blackguards
Intent on our end
Its like that in Eire
Still we must defend

Our honour and run
Like the bright shooting star
Across the heavens
Have to stay far
Far away from the
Men and their dogs
Or we shall
Find ourselves in a pie
With a pint of dark ale

Inspired by the spirit of the hare
By Karen Carter

2 comments on “We are very different

  1. susan lane on said:

    Nice one Rex. VERY nice!!!

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Susan seeing a wild HARE and we have them around here in the seclusion of the countryside
      Is truly magickal. X

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