The everyday names

All the big stores carry brand names you know
Who employ the technicians that torture us so
We are the animals rabbits and mice
Guinea pigs chickens they roll the dice
We all had families we lived our life
Then we were captured and under the knife
We got the torture we got the rest
We felt the heartaches we faced the test

All the brand leaders so many buy
We feel the angst the anguish and why
You give your money to stores everyday
Who dont give us care they just blow us away
Eternal damnation discomfort and pain
You pay your money and link up the chain
The trauma we feel it away from our kind
Experimentation its bending our mind

In the great depths of misery
There we prostrate
Vexation and bitterness
Why must we wait
To be constantly tortured
Obsessed they be
About giving us pain and such agony

In that cage on our own
Sacriced so that you
Can get a cheaper pruce
For thats what they do
Martyr us wound us make us endure
And advertise widely how bloody pure

They are all the names
All their games all the woe
The harshness the roughness abuse
Too and fro
Chafing and friction and soreness
And more
All the big names
In the big high street store

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