Money buys Science

There are too many psychopths
In Science today
Too many universities
Who seem to get their way
Messing with the food supply
And with animals alas
Its actually undeniable
That much of this is crass

Animals are experimented on
All done behind closed doors
Profits are the keywords here
From me there is no applause
Enviropigs and muscle structure
And fast growing techniques
Attested and documented
But for me the programme reeks

Its baseless groundless rubbish
Lacking substance not a whit
Of commonsense just castles in the air
It doesn’t sit
kindly where there’s sanity
Its victims they create
Who suffer all their vile abuse
Which few of us berate

But this is what is happening
Out there, in our big world
The genetics and the tinkerers
Its where we are being hurled
Into dingy passages of evil and discontent
With animals losing their right to life
As if that is well meant

We consumers have to wake up
The Meat trade are not gods
They are a bunch of nobody’s
Profit making sods
Who will hurt and torture animals
And cut their lives in two
There’s a method to their madness
Which has nothing to do with you

Consumers dont get a look in either
Its money all the way
And its all done in the factory
And laboratories
They pay
the animals the victims
Doctored so as to be
Experiments upsetting as that is
To you and me

An enviropig wont shit much
Its designed to absorb more
Grow muscles until its muscle bound
And can’t get up off the floor
Likewise broiler chickens
Designed to grow and grow
In such a short time actually
If you didn’t know

They have no life
Just torture like no chickens before
Its unlikely that they can walk
Huge breasts be very sure
They are suffering such agony
So we can eat their breast
Carnivoral ignorance
Karmically will test

Its about uniformity
Everything the same
In half the time it took to grow
And we must bear the blame
For what is their insanity
The scientific bods
Who have raised their game to such an extent
And believe themselves to be gods.

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