Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space
It casts our minds back where
The forests rampant in its green
Seemed to attack despair
Every inch of every where
Was created and achieved
a balance and Gaia was there
And I just felt relieved

But then mighty machinery
Dinosaurs of steel
Came Crashing through the undergrowth
And Quickly did reveal
Space, a loss of foliage
Contempt for mother earth
Who really had the where for all
And the long standing worth

The oxygen amassing
Great lungs the planet knew
Millions of animals came to ŵeep
As the mighty screw
Twisted through humanity
And tore the greeenery
Animals ran everywhere
Thats what the desperate do

What is it we are doing
Palm oil makes big bucks
Indonesia and Malaysia
What they do it sucks !
The myriad of tree life
The culture all can smell
And when the forest is no more
Of course we have got HELL

And what do they do with all
The timber
Ship it overseas
It will be for decking
The commoners to please
So Mrs Smythe’s new shoes
Will not get muddy, and she will
Possibly wear them more than once
But really not until

Their worn out thats not what she does
She just give them away
This is the new society
Where everyone can pay
The indigenous the animals
The forests and the air
Habitats are changing
But Is Mrs Smythe aware?

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