Big eyes no heart

A South Korean Restaurant
In Pusan prides itself on offering its customers
Living foods.

How loathsome and our hateful
To imagine it can be right
To consume living creation
Enjoying every bite
Torn out of the ocean
As painful as that will be
And served up to sick diners
Who grind their teeth on thee

How thankless and depressing
To video it all
Big eyed heartless bitches
Obnoxiously they fall
For this offensive behaviour
This odious display
Its nauseous to watch it
That they have the gall to pay

Its buttock clenchingly excessive
Such a harrowing sight
Imagining the deplorable death
How can this be right
Its intolerable its unbearable
More than flesh and blood can stand
Causing innocent animals pain
Such trauma by their hand

They so offend our senses
Chafe and rankle they
Make our flesh creep watching
This is not the way
Human beings should behave
And restaurants anywhere
Who remain insensitive
The stagnation of their brain
The obtuseness and stupidity
That they set out to gain

Profit and a reputation
For this cruelty
They are clearly icebergs on two legs
Such malevolence we see
Really the worst intentions
The malignancy
This is not human behaviour
Its total savagery

As for the ghoulish diners
Who think its one big joke
The evil eye is on them
I want them to soak
In their own vile abyssmal shit
For nothing else could be
Worthy of such rancour
And obduracy

Stop and think what it is like
To be eaten alive
Your vital organs chewed up
Your rigour to survive
This base ordeal the remorselessness
Callous sadistic trolls
Who won’t recant no never
For these sinners have no souls

Pusan what vile and unrelenting place
Full of despair
To be so damned excessive
Guilt must be everywhere
Immorality and turpitude
Depravity galore
I wouldn’t darken any of your doors
Of that you can be sure.

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