Are the aliens almost here?

Each of us is somewhere
Our presence is our worth
We permeate and thus pervade
This ball known as the Earth
We saturate environments
And empty spaces we
Fill up with corporations
And declare our vacancy

Tonight a crimson sun
Has given way to a sooty sky
Each dinosaurian mammoth
With its cyclopean eye
Obese and overweight
Our bloated bodies
We now drag
Full of oil and fast food
In the disposable plastic bag

We are told a storm is imminent
Winds could uproot trees
Leaves on the line
No where to dine
Some feel it in their knees
The methotrexate warriors
The folic acid mob
Who know jack frost is coming
His icy breaths to lob

The sky is now a sort of tan
Unlike any sky
I have seen for ages
I am now wondering why
There is light around the edges
The contrast though is stark
There is a chill fast coming on
And, making its mark

The school run has begun in earnest
Get the kids home fast
No dawdling in the tuck shop
We are going to feel the blast
But the light is up their fighting
Pushing the great tan cloud
What is to become of us
The unsightly malformed shroud

Allows the sun a passage back through
InTo its light
All this time it was sleeping
And now its burning bright
Its glowing from the heavens
With its base tranquillity
Eternal rest and slumber
Getting brighter constantly

Miraculous it hangs there
Unhurried and reserved
No doubt it has made giant strides
And has been unnerved
But now appears resourceful
As the wind picks up its gait
And with relentless progress
Reminds us of our fate

We have battened down the hatches
We have prayed for fence and wall
We hope the roof stays on the shed
And our precious tree won’t fall
There is an uncanny silence
A lull a hush maybe
Something’s going to happen soon
And I am no luminary

My thinking cap’s been on a while
And a bout of reverie
A few hours cogitation
And my poems number three
All about the lead up
To the storm thats going to be
A topic of conversation
For perhaps eternity

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