Peter Green

Six strings thats all it took
And a few fingers
A wizard with a magical repose
Improvisation took him to the heights
Few ever reach
And harmonies that very clearly pose
A masterful command and a direction
A tenacity of thought he laboured long
Peter Green was a genius who was able
To put great joy and sweetness in a song

He had the will and of course the inclination
A self determination just to be
Out there so unprompted so spontaneous
he took hearts with him everywhere inescapably
His energy and obvious concentration
A commitment to the task always in hand
In many ways heroic and unyielding
Self possessed and he could understand

The suffering and the unflagging efforts
Endurance yea he had the staying power
His choice was to be alternative
A taste of things to come
His intuition on the mark
To improvise and how
He took those strings to heights of improbability
Tore into the soul and out beyond
He made his allegation to the chords and scores he felt
His rationale was really being fond
Of deliberateness and predetermination
He undertook to really raise the bar
He knew about perfection and about rejection
And clearly he was flawless as a star

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