The Elephant

In awe
We ought to be
Really we should
The biggest land animal
Really it could
Realize so much
Within its sphere
With 300 billion neurons
Its clear

Compared to us humans
Rulers of earth
With massive ego’s
Some with equal girth
we have 90 billion
And for the most part
Few of us are free

To tread the great plains
That our ancestors trod
To find water and minerals
Close to our god
To contend with the habitat
Stolen away
And to fight off the poachers
Who do make us pay

A very high price
For the tusks they possess
Despite our neurons
Their conflict and stress
Is made all the more
By our greed and desire
By our open mouthed unsated
And famished fire

To steal and to sell off the spoils
And to be
Richer for selling the tusks rapidly
The elephants neurons tasked specifically
To aspire to the thought
That they ought to be free
They ought to be able
To live peacefully
But their size and great appetite
Ruins the plan
And they are at odds
With the nature of man

Man’s 90 billion
Will never it seems
Work out the elephants
Truest of dreams
To live in the ŵilds
To be so wholly free
Will never happen
Can never be

Its the zoo
Its more profit
Thats how it goes
And the elephant probably

Thats why they are sad
With the tragic malaise
And must live out their lives
Compromised all their days
Some see the tears
Feel the grief
Know their pain
And know why some will
Effectively soon go insane

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