The Dingo

All apex predators matter
Their impact really makes
A difference in the scheme of things
Creation makes no fakes
Its man that ruins everything
With his prejudice and pain
With his lack of understanding
If only he would refrain

To acting up and being
As arrogant as hell
And baiting out these dingo tribes
Who really do so well
Within their true predation
They Reduce the rabbit kind
And kangaroo populations
If man had half a mind

To realise his place on earth
Is subservient to those
Feral beasts who walk the land
Whose footstep really shows
Much about the country
Terrestial predators do
Have a cultural message
And a diversity thats true

Respected by the aboriginie
For thousands of years, they
Became part of their culture
Through their stories they did say
And with art work on the cave walls
Proved their worth was true
People had more sense then
They were not, clueless to

The ways of feral animals
How each became a part
Each had their solidity
Working from the heart
They had phenomenal knowledge
Instinctive through and through
And an implicit understanding
And a knowing of what to do

These days we see corporate business
Scrapping in the frame
The newly introduced animals
Their profit making claim
Relevant and logical
To the banker and those who
Keep livestock and farm animals
And so know what to do

Look down on the iconic ones
Call them pests and try
To eliminate them every day
They love to watch them die
Wriggling in agony
From urea and the rest
Although its inappropriate
The farmers all know best

And so they kill the dingo
The kangaroos as well
Any excuse to make them suffer
These wandering beasts of hell
They wont be in their stories
Or on paintings in some cave
Just wretched bones bleached in the sun
That Nobody will save

And there is now no antidote
Just a hostility
Genetic pollution through inter breeding
Is weakening and we
Can feel the Dingo’s terror
Adapting in this world
Among great waves of ignorance
In which we are all now hurled

And environments are altering
Soil plants trees they all
Depend upon each other
All living creatures call
On Gaia for her true support
Where balance always rules
Where tenacity and spirit
Snubs its nose at human fools

People have to wake up
And realise their worth
All the iconic children
All are part of earth
Australia’s unique beings
Not found anywhere
And they must be preserved and loved
For without them our despair

Will grow as frail and fragile lands
Wither in the heat
Meteoric loss of life
Dying on our feet
Each creature has its place in time
And with our respect they should
Go on into posterity
Which Then would be so good

So in the peaceful quiet of night
When the nocturnal souls
Walk dark paths in silence
Each knowing their roles
They share communication
Howl and whimper they
Minstrels of the moment
Who Instinctively know their way

A source of light and darkness
A blush of sunset they
Live out in the outback
And thrive out there each day
Blaming them for predation
Shows an abstractedness
A resentment and an anger
And really nothing less

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