A spider’s lament

As warriors we tango physical and proud
Coexisting really, with the human crowd
A considerable devotion
A tangible desire
Pithy meaty meaningful
An entity on fire

It took a lot of expertise
To climb into that hole
Through a million tunnels
Spiders in control
As Autumn breathes a sense of chill
We leave external places
And find our way into the house
But you should see their faces

Presented with our 8 long legs
And body on their wall
What is it they are thinking
They are just so tall
They could crush us easily
But instead what do they do
drop us from a window
To be immersed in dew

And they, don’t even think about that
As long as we are gone
We wanted to share their comfortable space
Behind the clock upon
That really splendid wall paper
Flowers that seemed embossed
And instead the window opened
And alas friends we were tossed

And here we sit alone and wet
Covered in the dew
Do we begin to climb again
I mean to say would you?
Is it worth the effort
As long as we can be
Invisible behind a picture perhaps
To actually

Spy on them we have to be
Attentive otherwise
We could end up in some garden
Which would threaten our demise
Gardens in the winter time
Are,just no place to be
But will humans ever see this
I doubt it actually

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