The spark of life
That miracle
The playfulness
The harmlessness
Feathers new and powdery
Yes i be squeaky clean
Riding on the conveyor belt
Into the toothed machine.

Wide eyed a clear conscience
Happy to be here
Riding through this facility
Full of sun and cheer
He is a male press left chute
She is a female she
Dissapears down the right chute
Where i wanted to be

Even at my tender age
The gals are good to me
So why go down the left chute
It did not feel right to me
So i kept on going
And the males went on their way
Until they reached the big machine
That mashed them might and may

Hatcheries want females
They lay eggs that is why
Life is chosen for them
All males have to die
Crushed or suffocated
Or just tossed in a bin
Thats what happens to male chicks
They just can never win.

Bloodthirsty and barbaric
Outrageous through and through
Malignancy and malice
Unforgiving of a few
Male chicks in their millions
Are made into a soup
Their innocence their spirit
They never reach the coop

They all go through the grinder
Becoming slurry in a pot
A child would not believe this
All those chicks they go
Murdered quickly in cold blood
Split from ear to ear
Feathers smashed and broken
And much less time to tear

To be surplus to requirements
A right state of affairs
In a patriarchal world
But apparently who dares
Gets or so they tell me
The hatchery of fire
With incubators on all night
And most well we perspire

All these feathers little feet
Wings yea feathern too
The conveyor belt we missed
The chute
In the hen house true
All those hens that chuckle
All those hens who fight
As for me i must pretend
To be a hen tonight

I dont know really long
I get away with this charade
The gals can keep me warm at night
And i can be on guard
Just keep a low profile
And hope i get away
For if i am spooted
I will die churned up and made to pay

Every single hatchery
Is doing this to males
Can you imagine their agony
As the big teeth crush their tails
And mince their heads and bodies
So much awful strife
The spark of pure creation
And the miracle of life

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