It sits very nicely
In Berkhamsted High Street
Laid back and gentle
Where coffee and cake
And salads are served
In a personable manner
Undeniably caring
And very sharing
Something to take

Home with you really
A genuine place
With its own stamp
And its own pace
The lifeblood you feel it
The embodiments there
In the sweet state of mind
And the spirited air

It attracts the like minds
Every age group appears
You feel an affinity
A clanship that clears
Away all the snobbery
That can occur
There’s a freedom of thought
And design that concur

Hand roasted beans
Served in stoneware explain
Interact with the fact
That its packed yet again
Interchangeable banter and friendliness
I was absorbed it just sped through my veins
The Americano Guatamala’s soul
A repose on the nose
And a smoothness of role

A complete abandonment
Blessed and good
A taste of euphoria
Seemingly should
Sweep with its radiance
Over us all
With the high street outside
A place to call
Up the spirits of softness
Of moderate thought
And be glad you discovered
And kind of brought

Your thoughts into being
Of calmness and rest
Of a cup of real coffee
Which You know is the best
In a perfectly made cup
Our lips Found a place
Beguiled by it all
And lost in its grace

This in no normal coffee shop
They also offer a wonderful hot chocolate
And some beautiful aromatic teas

Go see

3 comments on “Epicure

  1. Lesley Filippides and Ender Turan on said:

    Dear Rex
    Thank you for writing this poem having been inspired by your first visit to Epicure. We are so grateful for your kind words in poetry.
    We would love to print your work onto a poster and frame it to hang in the coffee shop. Would you be happy for us to do this ?
    Come and visit us soon
    With gratitude
    Lesley and Ender

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