All glued up to cheat and compromise

A mental abberation
A barrenness of thought
Really an inversion
That the banker man had sought
A way of making profit
From the opposite of good
In the quiet of the cutting room
Impulsively it would
Happen really spring to mind
Rapidly explode
Heave a sigh of such relief
Which in a flash might goad

The animal it came from
To shiver with regret
A departure from the norm perhaps
Certainly never set
Fine for in the deviousness
The wandering mind might feel
The divergence of that moment
Which just did not feel real

An enzyme radiating a sickening display
A cohesion of inseparables
A congealment so to say
Coagulated tangled close-textured
All down to compression
And a meat trade that has lied

Anything is possible
In the execution trade
The thuggery and carnage
That is where its laid
The shambles in the abattoir
The butcher and his kin
Malignant and miasmic
Incurables of sin

Cadavers every which way
Snot and bogey pie
Transglutaminase the secret force
Added its no lie
Malodourus not on your life
Not in actual terms
Suffocatingly noxious though
Even to the worms

What the human eye may fail to see
The chemical glaucoma
Psychiatrists can argue
From Timbuctoo to Roma
The ghoulishness of enzyme glue
The iniquitous desire
To profit from uncertainty
And denounce the role of fire

Its all about their slight of hand
The double dealing way
The under the counter workings
The subterfuge in play
White lies black lies
Every colour lie you ever knew
The meat trade are a bunch of crooks
And that dears is my view

Being vegan is clearly the best way of avoiding the cruelty and chemicalisation of our diets for profit.

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