Water torture

Its barbarous and savage
Its tyrannical and severe
Its excessive and brutal
And draws out so much fear
The dolphin its vivacity
Its playful spirit seen
As inflammatory and rampant
And its death wholly obscene

The Japanese are a hard race
Emotionally they appear
Unconscious to their victims
Unable to be clear
Hypnotized to some extent
And mesomorphic too
They cannot be seen as powerless
In anything they do

The worlds eyes are upon them
The fisherman of TAiji
Throwbacks to the toturers
And their instability
Pithing spikes
Into the spinal cord
And drilling down with a wooden peg
As the ultimate reward

Watching them languish painfully
As they totter and they shake
Impoverished and injured
The life force how they take
Their unconquerable persistence
Their invincible regard
And debilitate and enervate
And knock them all off gusrd

Their agony expresses
A melt down to their soul
Beaten up and vandalised
They lose all their control
Slaughtered with their families
Demolished in a way
That breaks into the spirit
And drives all sense away

Drowning in their own blood
Quashed if their repose
Subjugated wildly
Their ruination grows
Infront of their offspring
The posterity of now
With all its ramifications
We must wonder how

The calmness and serenity
The self effacing way
That dolphins run their protest
On any given day
Humble and unprotesting
But clearly prepared to die
To protect any member
Who are injured or who lie

They are staunch and faithful
Compstible and strong
Inseparable and bonding
Which must not be seen as wrong
And this is seen as a weakness
Their achilles heel
Their total unselfishness
Which the Japanese reveal.

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