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Arsenal lacks judgement on every level

Natural justice clearly doesnt Figure in the soccer frame Mindfulness Fails miserably In, what is the noble game an app called my outdoor tv” has been issued and we hear Its all about the trophy hunting toruturers of fear For … Continue reading

Cobra gypsies of Rajastan

Where the skies are pink And purple Where the bush is sparse and dry There live a handsome people Close to nature We may sigh To see them under tractors With their hound And children too With their pretty clothes … Continue reading


The son of Cecil meets the most untimely death As well Shot outside the Hwange National Park Zimbabwe hell Descended on this handsome soul On the seventh of July An ulcerstive vileness That somehow did apply These fucking trophy hunters … Continue reading


In the darkness I, illuminate your world With my light festooned with gold Man says he came But only hurled Abusive spewed out flotsam Conned the people in his stride Through the darkness feel my shadows If you wish to … Continue reading


I met Lee several days ago A member of the team He a health care assistant Its somewhere where he had been 4 years helping people And asisting nurses too And before that was a cleaner Its what Lee likes … Continue reading


On life’s Highway one may meet the Nicest people Through circumstances, where we perhaps are drawn To find free spirits even wanderers On their journey home perhaps One hundred million years of stars And dawn Brings forth its near star … Continue reading


A kind of dedication That one may never see Because of her inbuilt dedication Which She hides so expertly A kind of fearsome countenance But a warm and tender soul Who doesn’t take fools kindly With an abrupt control All … Continue reading


A gem of s lady So compassionate she Born in Cochin Not far from the seA The Arabian Sea Washed up spices galore Black Pepper snd Cardamon That We all adore In this idyll was born A sweet child called … Continue reading


Films and their endings Leave so much to those Who follow the story line And watch as it grows And Then its all over which leaves us to feel It was just a brief bite Of a cherry for real … Continue reading

The Sami singer

The glorious pitch of heaven Brings A yoik into ones soul Watch the slender dancer With each gentle role The flight pattern of the eagle The crispness of the snow Weaving like this morning breeze Her soft skin all aglow … Continue reading

The Sami

Sami music pulled out of the landscape Shot with snow With sky with sea with reindeers And with sunlight that does grow Where colours of the rainbow paint Masterpieces high Melodically embracing life And all that does go by Our … Continue reading