Two and 3 toed Sloths

The philosopher the sensitive
Whose originality is marvellously important
High in the canopy
Its about innovation and individuality
In many ways primordial
Outside the box reality

A genius its frame of mind
Beholden to no one
Because it moves so slowly
Its a phantom in the sun
Thoughtfully moving upwards
Apparently in fun

Its face is one of happiness
A solitary soul
It can rotate its head
90 degrees it gets control
Long claws used to hang around
Whilst feeding on fresh leaves
From the topper most branches
Full of light which then achieves

A laboured kind of upward gait
Which is mindful in its way
It uses its amazing smell
To mind map and to pay
Attention to the state of branches
Which could ofcourse be
Old and liable to snap
Then a calamity

That would be and so the need
To be sensitively armed
Claws and smell and a sloth like gait
So as to not be harmed
Because it moves so slowly
It attracts an algae bloom
Giving it a greenish tinge
Which Clearly in the gloom
Even less conspicuous
And being ultra slow
The acrobat of high tree dance
Puts on a private show

Within its fur the sloth moth
Is a resident and they
Ride around on the sloths thick skin
A life force that helps pay
Chewing leaves are hard work
A four part stomach though
Goes along way towards digestion
And helps with its poo flow

Once a week its toilet day
When it climbs down to the ground
Leaves pile of illustrious poop
And sloth moths leave and when found
Lay their eggs in its riches
And there they will pupate
Which is a weird relationship
And the strangest trait

Close up a nice pot belly
A face almost a smile
Some have two toes some have three
Like a medium dog on style
10,000 years ago they were gigsntic
Imagine that
Closer to the elephant
Than a medium dog or cat

The cloud forests its a real world
A dreamy state of affairs
Its good at sleeping its good at climbing
High branches are like stairs
Six to eight feet a minute
With this rather wavy gait
Not much in common with anyone
You probably have to wait

Along time if you see one
The poet of the trees
Able to smell each picture
Hence to walk with ease
Solo lives are strengthening
The spirit and the soul
The muscles and the sinews
Helping to control

Its balance and its steadiness
For really very high
One false move and the crashing
Down of bodies as they fly
Conformity is everything
When falling from the sky

The sloth is a good swimmer
Breast stroke is its thing
It has a lot of qualities
And to its life does bring
A slow and thoughtful climbing
High into the canopy
Encompassed by the evergreens
Whose progression remarkably

Is managing its environment
Everywhere it goes
A wayfarer and explorer
A sundowner who knows
The leisureliness of low-gear
To dawdle for a while
Deliberately soft-pedalling
Where each step can beguile

To Tracy and Annette
On your favourite creatures
The Sloth from Central and South America


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