Gamekeepers and their apparent roles

Apparently the CV of one such
Man we hear
Is he manages the countryside
So as to make it clear
There is sufficient shooting and angling
he seeks to provide the victims
So that others can react

Employed by a landowner
To curtail the poaching mob
To rear and release the game birds
And to clearly rob
The countryside of what is deemed to be
The pests of old
He thus controls the predators
Why he us worth his weight
In gold

12,000 or so mammals He slaughters
Every year
Something to be proud of
For creation be held dear
But these men richly decked in arrogance
Display their varied craft
With panoplies of hunting skills
And its said a lot of graft

I find their tasks unfortunate
And they lack true understanding
On the front line of rewilding
Though their tasks are now expanding
They rather miss the point
Of what creation has in play
And work towards the business end
Of whatever the landlords say

Killing created mammals
Is lacking empathy
The business of creation
Of the miracles that be
The environmental clamour
Associated by
Taking out predation
Without really knowing why

STINK PITS are an anomaly
When They are dug so cruel they be
The only interpretation for them
Really is to see
The crudest of open grave
lacking decency

A stench of what is malevolence
Of such evil intent
A variety of innocent souls
Murdered and just lent
To bloat and stink such disrespect
For all of kingdom come
But this is seen as acceptable
All balanced and plumb

The fact that they just do this
And then leave snares about
To attract more mammals
To complete their rout
Murdering vindictively
Condemning souls who smell
Out the noxious carrion
In what is a man made hell

They are blackguards of the old school
With their medieval ways
Scoundrels really hatchetmen
In their darkest phase
Unfeeling and impassive
Its that pound of flesh that pays

And society accepts this
Their indulgence because they
Are landowners and gamekeepers
They are the gentry so to say
Bow down to the money bags
The gory tory mob
With such supercillous nonsense
Pouring from their gob

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