Charcoal Slaves of BRAZIL

Its a filthy dirty business
Illegal deforestation
Behind this loss of precious trees
Charcoal and no salvation
PARA Is a state where
A lot of charcoal’s made
And nobody will wilingly do this work
Its the pig iron trade

Its filthy dirty choking work
In the rainforests where they
The corporate lackeys using slaves
Which they do not have to pay
Housed in dirty wooden shacks
No running water there
No toilets nothing but wet ground
For perhaps ten men to share

It really is true hell on earth
A threat to sanity
Although it is illegal
It goes on actually
With all the worst intentions
An unforgiving trade
Where no one shows you mercy
And exacts revenge with rage

Some 250,000 slaves
Are being enslaved in Brazil
Its a very lucrative market
But the awful smoke and smell
Cuts through into lung tissue
And sickens men right through
With really many health problems
And the jungles dangers too

If you get scratched you get infection
Malaria is rife
Its really awfully dangerous
your days are full of strife
And most of its exported
Off to the USA
via Cosipar we hear
Denial thats theirc way

Their steel goes into motor cars
White goods and the rest
Made with, slave tainted charcoal
Which people Would detest
If they knew about it
If it was declared they
Surely would see boycotts
And lost sales right away

But its all done hush hush say no more
And slaves well they are lost
Threatened with reprisals
And forewarned as to the cost
They intimidate and bully
Its menace all the way
The ethic of huge contracts
Apparently they stay.

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