Grenfell revisited with Mrs May

All this thermal cladding
This aluminimum too
And gas pipe insulation
Against fire does not ring true
The government and the media
So I understand
Have been rationing the numbers
So the fires have not been fanned

The public enquiry takes the news away
The long grass is awaited
Thats what people say
The community have calculated
160 dead
With more to come
A rule of thumb
Whats published seems to have led

The stories on front pages
An embarrassment to those
Who fxxxed up it appears to me
And have got a bloodied nose
MRs May’s election and treatment
From the crowd
Its all getting too much for her
Its kind of over powered

Her strong and stable government
Her bloody awkward stance
Its brought out all her qualities
And shows us how much chance
She has at browbeating Brussels
Weakened by the call
So thats why they are trying
To Reduce the shock
Now for us all

To be honest with the survivors
And realistic too
We all know many more are dead
The world looks on the view
It gets of Mrs May these days
Is she is a damaged soul
Cozying up to the the DUP
Who now have the control

They want 2 billion quid
Just to sit with her
I know a few who would do it at cheaper rates
Me and my cat we would purr
Keep the old girl happy
When she wants to be
Sitting by the telly
Feeling weak and wobbly.

Clearly the fire at grenfell
Has exposed her worth
She told us she was helping all the residents
On earth
Like one old man from grenfell
Who wanted his payout fast
And instead he’s been put in an old folks home
And there his die is cast

Another living on his own
Who wanted to remain
In the area for he loved it here
We know they are insane
They have taken him to Preston
All those miles away
And dumped him on his ownsome
To pass his time away

We hear she is a maybot
Emotionally dry
Does not relish being face to face
Looking you in the eye
I think her action has shown us all
That the Nuclear button she
Would have no problem
pushing it
Thats why we love, JEREMY

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