Reed beds

We miss much
In the world below
Our feet, the waters edge
Where many creatures live out their lives
Perhaps on a flank or ledge
In a watery darkness
A dream or nightmare where
The dawn of time is evident
And today i am going to share

A glimpse below the surface
Where the handsome pike does lie
Patient he is waiting quietly
With a quite dark eye
Looking for his supper
A nice soft squidgy frog
With bulbous eyes and far from wise
Just behind a log

A predator of standing
Streamlined through and through
One great lunge of energy
And the frog is gone to woo
A princess in an even darker place
The great pikes gut
To be pickled by the fishes juices
Now his mouth is shut

The frogs have lost a member
Who didnt see it coming
Not until that awful sound
Of a great big heart a drumming
The slosh of flush and bluster
The sucking sound as he
Descended into the fishes mouth
And never again would see

Daylight on the surface
Nor the dragon flies so blue
One minute he was happy
The next his life was through
Melting in the acidic juice
Rolling that way and this
Rubbing up against other clutter
An event he would have chose to miss

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