A tiny little critter
As Venomous as can be
Found off Cairns and on the gold coast
A predator who can see
Its all within its tentacles
And it has its guarantee
Of the vilest pain there ever was
And death too

Its the size of a thumb nail
A killer that has struck
At least 60 victims
Who all ran out of luck
The venom can be injected
Even if the creature’s dead
And there isnt any antidote
So if you are stung you are led

To think that it will kill you
And you will suffer so
There is no pain quite like it
It does comes as such a blow
But there is hardly any mark on you
For your enemy is small
Unbelievable agony
Felt by one and all

A tiny box jelly fish
The leading researcher in the world
DR Jamie Seymour
Its name is derived from the indigenous
People of the Cairns region

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