Substantial and meaningful
Croatia’s blooming soul
Who rises proudly singing loudly
In its external role
Van Gogh tasted its splendour
Its resillience and its style
Sweeping through the heavens
Out there by a mile

a rainbow goddess cometh
Flagged up to show the world
That out of a creeping rhizome
This sensation has been hurled
Its constant authenticity
Absorbed and identified
A resemblance of heaven
And a likeness thats allied

To a perrenial of such elegance
And true sincerity
Displaying the inventive traits
Of idiosyncrasy
An exemplar and a specimen
That surely does caress
The soft light winds of summer
That the seeing eye does bless

An uninterrupted pleasure
To behold its charming blooms
Its prominance is avid
Its spirit just consumes
The heart and soul
The tincture of the tender tossed aside
Where the amethyst and the heliotrope
And amaranth may hide

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