The Pacific Ocean

Its undeniably massive
In places extremely deep
From the Arctic Ocean
To Antartica
Its hydrosphere does leap
To 46per cent of the earths surface
So to say
Its larger than the land combined
On any given day

The Mariana trench
In the Western North Pacific
Plunges down to its deepest point
35797 feet
And 63.8 million sq miles
Of ocean in its entirety
One third of the planet
Now on risk it be

Australia and Brunei
Cambodia and Canada
Chile China Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador

EL Salvador Micronesia
FIji Guatamala
Honduras Indonesia
Japan and Many more

KIri bati North Korea
South Korea Malaysia
Marshall Islands Mexico
Nauru Nicaragua
New Zealand Palau Panama
NEw Guinea and PEru
Phillippines and Russia
Singapore so not a few

Soloman islands and Taiwan
Thailand Timor-Leste
Tonga so a lot of countries
Who are facing a test

With coastlines to the ocean
And Fukushima’s soul
Pouring daily into the sea
Still out of control

Cesium and strontium
And trittium these three
Iodine and plutonium
Just where will we all be

Every single creature
Who crawls who swims who flies
Who sails who walks
Who breathes the air
No matter now what size

Are all at risk of sickness
And death before their time
The ocean is being poisoned
By perhaps the most vilest of crime

And its been played down by TEPCO
The apocalyptic day
When the earthquake and the tsunami
Blew the facility away

Since then each day
300 tonnes
of radio activity
Has poured
into the Pacific
Human fallability

At fault the corporate prostitutes
Have lied to us and we
Many have forgotten
That terrible tsunami

Back to the Pacific Ocean
And the implications for
The countries who have coastlines
And the changes they ignore

Since Its not in the main stream media
And the testing isnt great
Pacific fish are being eaten
At an alarming rate

Not many seem to worry
But perhaps they ought to care
As the ocean has to face the strain
We ought to be more aware

We really ought to realize
The myths that we were told
japan has been irresponsible
The people have been sold

Stories to the contrary
Of the dangers we now face
Of up to 3 million dying
So we all should watch this space

Already birds have been dying
And many fish have too
Whales have been beaching all over
Bees and Bats its true
Crabs and lobsters jelly fish
Star fish sharks and whales
The Pacific maybe dying
Along these concentrated trails

The Barrier reef is dying
Its been blamed on coal
But lapped by radiation
The eco systems soul
Is under tremendous pressure
It may just be that we
Should examine our Pacific coast lines
Much more carefully

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