The Ant State

Effective and efficient
Their potency is power
A driving force of dominance
A vigourousness for now
Their energy atomic
Athletic through and through
They are a secret society
And reign supreme they do

Their overwhelming message
Incontestable regard
Aliens for certain
Assertive and real hard
Entrenched and unassailable
Resolutely so
Persistent and invincible
Wherever they go

Clandestine their messages
“One for all and all for one”
Working on invisible trails
When the day is done
Creation is the mother
Of inventions we can say
Amazing productivity
They just blow us away

Instinctive and pre programmed
Secretely coded sense
Such fervour and intensity
No sitting on the fence
Virile and full blooded
Corrosive to a tee
Influenced by no one
Their sphere of influence all see

They truly are the super power
Kingmakers they be
An alien force manoeuvering
Prevailing constantly
Hypnotic in their purpose
Memeric in their deed
They can carry 100 times
Their weight
And they always succeed

They can run almost forever
Their need is food and they
Know their obligation
And have worked out a way
To overpower what ever
And carry it home for tea
To neutralize the problem
And defend purposefully

Just one single colony
Eats ten million insects they
Compared to lions and wolves
Consume much more meat each day
They squirt their formic acid guns
And with mandibles on fire
Attack all comers vehemently
Till the only word is dire

If a bear should come a calling
And break into their mound
There is no more concerted effort
That anyone has found
That bear though big and heavy
Will be run off right away
All that acid in his face
He will be made to pay

A super organism
Defending their brood
Their larvae and their pupai
Though their weaponry may seem crude
They have an immense persuasive force
And their numbers quickly grow
And there is very little that can stop them
As many of m you know

They can take on a bee nest
Despite the Bee’s great size
And stinging power
They of the hour
Soon do realize
The honey and the larvae
Will be there’s for its the way
Whatever the ants set out to do
They do and the others pay

And ants are clearly progressive
They cooperate and can
Extend their own authority
With the aphids they began
To protect them for the honeydew
They gave back in return
For the amazing protection
A racket of concern

The price per year is massive
A hundred kilo lots
Really so much honeydew
In tiny little shots
They also do some farming
In rainforests where they
Use mealybugs to collect
The sap
Flocks of them soon pay

The ants afford protection
And receive the sugary store
And Their avid consternation
Sees rewards galore
Other ants a wily kind
The campernotis they
Have worked with the sarracenia
The pitcher plants
Who pay
Attention to these little ants
Who are able to crawl
Around the trumpet without falling in
And can answer, the call

With their intimate relationship
They are able to assist
By swimming in the digestive juice
And thereby they enlist
More insects to come calling
Drawn by the heavenly smell
And falling into their watery grave
That the pitcher provides so well

Weaver ants are remarkable
Their grip is beyond compare
No astronaut alive could cope
With the centrifuge or share
100 times force of gravity
Would tear a man apart
But ants can do it easily
For them its just the start

There are no more successful insects
Than the ant states for they are
Showing immense diversity
In many ways they are a far
And away a more able society
They have the wherefor all
Evolutionary transitions
With a communication pool

Tremendous specialization
Coordination rules
Each ant knows what it must do
The maxim clearly calls
Super efficient working styles
builders trained and ready
To work effectively

A chemical guidance system
Operates throughout
A unity and a wholeness
Is what its all about
A singleness of purpose
No ego in the way
The populous must benefit
The teeming hordes display

The most destructive force for them
Is fire
But when its used
perhaps out on the pampas
They will boil and be abused
But carry on their service
Programmed to be free
To be sent into a chaos
By the true adversity

And their chemical trail destruction
They automatically
Re-establish chemical trails
And follow them and be
Able to establish pathways once again
With the weight of pre intelligence
Threading through each vein

They have much in their arsenal
And their life force is immense
Its as if they have specific chips
For their knowledge is intense
Their foraging skills are miraculous
Their building skills are too
They have chimneys and they have ventilation
A megalopols come true

Everything is thought out
Of their structured city state
Special chamber gardens
They do excavate
Tons and tons of earth
And there is nothing anywhere
They are an organising super power
Of aliens who share

We could learn a lot from them
Of prejudice and hate
They operate as a multitude
And perhaps create
Their miracles together
For survival at all cost
Its all about the endless time
Where nothings really lost

2 comments on “The Ant State

  1. Col Dac Shepherd on said:

    Beautifully written Rex wonderful to a creature so important for our planet.

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