Christ the Redeemer
Arms aloft
Braves the city
Clearly soft
On pollution
A desire
To perish in the
Inevitable fire

And stretching away
In front we see
GUanabara Lagoon
It be
Given by GAIA
To aid the world
Thats before
Our shit we hurled

It was no phantom
No mirage there
It was all organic
For all to share
Teeming with fish
And mangroves too
Providing a paradise
Good and true

The repugnance of man
His hostile ways
Discharging his filth
For the want of praise
Into the rivers
And just anywhere
A homegenous mess
Of actual despair

Whilst some are bickering
Dissenters conclude
The maladjusted of course
They exude
Random disorder
Lawless disregard
Bending our gender
No matter how hard

The disequilibrium
Deactivates power
It weakens and injures
Us all every hour
Destroying all nature
Dismantling life
Engulfing the vibrant
And putting down strife

Dismantling systems
Subverting the good
Suppressing and strangling
Really what would
Have renewed and re fashioned
A resurgence abroad
Bring into existence
A clever reward

But violence and turmoil
Both brothers in crime
Our lifelessness suffered
An impassive time
We became apathetic
Convulsed in the heat
Our absence of sense
Had us feeling beat

The corporate arrogance
Surfaced to sweep
Consciousness lost out
As darkness did creep
The idiocy and the babbling class
Saw the moronic masses
Reach their impasse

All sorts of chemicals
Were tossed in the bay
Degreasers and sludge
The oil spills away
Trash and raw sewerage
It became the great bin
Out of sight out of mind
Nobody could win

The fish and the crabs
And the dolphins expired
Abandoned ships
The graveyard was fired
Up in a sense as the pollutive intent
Was increased and increased
And None of it well mean’t

10,000 fishermen struggle to be
Catching and trapping
The remnants now key
Mullet the odd one and not much else around
Without sewerage treatment
In shit they are drowned
Medical waste garbage everywhere
Its a water landfill
That we all now share

The fish and the bird life
Are lost we can say
Very few care what happens
Each day
Ten million people live and around
All of them gradually
Becoming drowned

To the North there is action
A preserve fighting well
To turn back to Heaven
From what is now Hell
With some money from those
Who have polluted the bay
They are planting new trees
And mangroves they say

Birds are coming back
GAIA’s respects seem high
Some alligators
And the dolphins know why
Nothing wants to exist
In a quagmire of ill
It makes sense to clean up
This lagoon of swill

There is little policing
The corporate way
Is its cheaper to dump it
Straight in the bay
If nobody’s looking
No one can say
Who dumped what shit
So its everyday

Some foresight is needed
And some money too
Too many untruths
The charlatans do
Misrepresent and are wiping us out
The motive of profit
Gives way to doubt

Iniquitous and shameful
The fly tipping creed
Insidious and troublous
Its where people feed
Each other its noxiousness
Tainted and vile
So bad in fact it goes off the dial!

The deterioration
Is ugly and wrong
The waters exhausted
It doesn’t belong
In this bay of such plenty
Once teeming with life
Now spelling out danger
And peril and strife
The warning is dire
As everyone knows
If it isnt cleaned up soon
even the prose
May dry up and falter
With nothing to see
Except a great swamp
Known as bumanity

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