Northern white cheeked Gibbons

PU Mat National Park
In Northern Vietnam
Quite near the border with Laos
And subject to alarm
Critically endangered
Some 455
living at high altitude
And hoping to survive

A biosphere reserve
Away from humans
One has to feel
With just a few left they
In this part of Vietnam
They might just make it
To live high and to really stay away

AStrika An Nate are a mother
And her son
They just love eating fruit
And before the day is done
pull up some fresh
Sweet dandelions
And chew them for all their worth
All the light and energy
And force from mother Earth

Being critically endangered
Its a worry in a way
Logging finished off the chinese families
Made them pay
Habitat loss is terrible
Arborial apes so need
The trees the flowers
The leaves and buds
For with long arms they succeed

In swinging through the tall trees
Having a lovey day
Embracing all thats natural
And enjoying each others play
The high slopes are the answer
Its where the do their thing
Trapeze is just their forte
With their long arms they can bring
Off amazing jumps and rolls
And somersaults for they
Are confident in swinging
Through the foliage each day

One comment on “Northern white cheeked Gibbons

  1. Noelene on said:

    It’s heartbreaking that all these beautiful creatures are on the endangered list. It’s only parasites that are thriving and multiplying. Including us humans.

    Thank you for another beautiful poem Rex. I love reading them.❤

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