I was five and so was she
JULIA My wife to be
Golden hair with ringlets too
Clearly she my dream come true

She lived, a few doors away
And she said she liked to play
With my metal watering can
And my chickens who
Laid eggs all around their run
As chickens tend to do

She had the bluest eyes around
And, I just worshipped the ground
She walked on and I remenber she
Loved my rabbits and I had three

She loved the chickens I had ten
They pecked a lot even when
I fed them my dad taught me to
Find wild plants To try and woo
We went out holding hands all curls
My mum only wanted girls
And I was a boy so I had long hair
And Julie loved it she was aware

I was different from the other boys
I didnt have a lot of toys
My dad kept chickens and taught me too
Look after them and that is true

So introducing julie to the chickens
She was struck
And foraging for wild plants
Other Boys were YUCK!
But I was so unusual
I had locks of flowing hair
And knew about the countryside
And the knowledge I did share

Julie and I were inseparable
In every single way
I taught her how to collect the eggs
And not get pecked and she’d say

I really truly love you rex
And we would walk hand in hand
Then one day she moved away
I couldnt understand

Where she went or why she weNt
To get away from me?
But I never ever saw her again
And still I be
A wondering if she’s alive today
And ever thinks of me
The nature loving chicken boy
who loved her effortlessly

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