It could only be England

Blue Bells and hailstones
The realness attested
The dandelions roared
With their confident smile
Without being negative
The Hawthorn threw blossom
Scented and gorgeous
Mile after mile

With the fae in the meadows
The clocks ticking quietly
The breeze sends them flying
When they settle they know
What is the right place
And they sleep soundly
Till next spring awakens them
And they do grow

Beltaine is upon us
The showers known as April
Failed to come calling
And rivers are dry
But we have seen hailstones
They flattened my bluebells
That sprang from the orchestra pits
And did fly

The clematis crawls up the wall
Budding rapidly
Sending its blossoms of scent everywhere
Jack has been naughty still flexing his muscles
A bit like the slugs my young plants their hors d’oeuvre
The blossom this year is sparse on my cherry
I pruned it too hard and has it lost its nerve

Frost,Jack his whimsical games have upset me
Burnt off some blossom reminding me he
Has the creativeness and innovation
And my salvation and genuinely
From his supremacy imparts the ermine
Undoing unfastening loosening, he
Has come to remind us the whole composition
The dancers subscribe to his choreography

Put up the mapole tie in the ribbons
Dance with each other hearts singing aloud
Come to the ritual the unbroken order
A bite of the cherry lets do what we vowed
Let love move the spirit lets be what we hoped to be
Feel all that life force the verdure of Spring
The coming together of the fae and desiring
The magical beauty the eternal ring

Each morning’s dawning a chorus of singing
Of bringing the birdsong to the first blush of day
A rose fingered dawn with a splash of excitement
Maybe the first cuckoo or the second or third
Is heard loud and clear as song birds fly away

I in the winter of life feel the spring in my step
Feel the fervour deep in my soul
Though maybe i shant dance up at the maypole
I can still remember, when my heart had a role
In the dance with the lass whom i still do hold dearly
My youth may have left but sincerely I know
Sweet thoughts of love they will never leave me
Like summer The Sunlight is part of the show

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