Forsythia’s blaze of yellow
Is heralded at Spring
Ostara draws emotions
And to our eyes does bring
Great anticipation
A beautiful embrace
The olive families treasure
Brimstone at a pace

Named after William Forsyth
A Scottish Botanist
A deciduous shrub with four lobed flowers
That creates a sunshine mist
In gardens growing wildly
Its deep yellow refrain
Its Flowers appear before its leaves
And that Dear’s is our gain

For the tremendous flush of springtime
Boldly makes its stand
It is known as the Easter Tree
And nothing looks as grand
To the eyes drenched in just greenness
For to see this golden sight
Creates a wondrous bounty
And I’d say instant delight

It produces a milk sugar
A miracle in fact
No other plant can do this
And how do we react
To that news for outside of milk
Such sugars don’t exist
It surely works its magic
In its bold and glaring mist

I was reminded to write this poem
By friends of rollrights on facebook
A wonderful page that enthralls me

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