The Danube Delta

A half a million hectares
In Romania and Ukraine
The second largest in Europe
With so very much to gain
From wildness of an environment
A wetlands thats so green
A sanctuary for hundreds of birds
Who seemingly convene
To rest and play and thus enjoy
The light the trees the space
And the magnificent landscape
On offer to embrace

Those gorgeous great billed Pelicans
And Herons so sedate
And many other migratory birds
300 or so of late
Vast surfaces of lily pads
And reed plants everywhere
Willow trees and white poplars
And Oaks that all help to clean the air

Marshes channels streamlets lakes
The Danube’s rolling sound
Sturgeon, Carp and Catfish
Perch and Rudd all found
Thousands of varieties of floating plants,
That do
Provide and fragrant carpet
Extending the ermine view

Many people catch fish here
And buy honey from the bee
Who Swallow up the pollen
And the nectar constantly
The river is a giant that spreads
Itself about
Wide channels grines and pasture land
Really to be out

In all this natural diversity
This magnet for all things good
Which has world heritage status
Which somewhere like this should
Its overun with beauty
Right to the Black Sea
And the light essentially
Has so much visibility

To a phenomenal degree
So tonifying the life force here
In originality
A vastness an abundance
And a wholeness all can see
A genuine appraisal of how it
Ought to be

The populace are city bound
Leaving the countryside
Very much to the wild ones
Who take it in their stride
Who go about their daily life
As they have always done
Clearly not as fearful
Of the poacher with his gun

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