Its all gone west

In our name
They bomb cities
In our name
Kill and maim
In our name
We are responsible
YES We are to blame

The European Principle
Of waging instant war
Injuring and killing
And then taking the law
Into our hand
And saying
Refugees can come
We shall all look after you
As you all bang on your drum

You can come to our towns
We will see you alright
Give you lodgings give you food
Somewhere safe at night
To enter into Western ness
Pretend you are just one of us
COme on come and be

Living in our cities
Living in our town
We will build a mosque for you
That will help you drown
Out the western principles
And carry on your life
Loving the people who created
Your mess
Who brought down on you strife

That was the EU doctrine
GErmany said we
Must open up the borders
Its democracy
Anyone from anywhere
Can be welcomed to our shores
We are open for business
Can you hear the applause

Whilst our governments
Maiming people they
Are bombing them and killing them
We see it everyday
Selling loads of arms to them
The various factions there
The serpent pit is soaked in blood
And the air is full of fear

But we are in denial
Everything is fine
Our mayor tells us big cities
Must expect the terrorist whine
Its all part and parcel
Of living in the west
Its inevitable just accept it
For really that is best

Stoke up the frustration
Feel its firery heat
Radical demonstrations
We see them on the street
The no go areas in our towns
Beleaguered we have become
People are more bellicose
They feel under the thumb

Belligerent they surely
Feel certain we are at fault
In our name they were accosted
And they want to call a halt
To what they are told has happened
Our hand outs were alien they
For some May have lost their loved ones
In the cold light of the day

And now they have lost just everything
And as a mob they hope
They select a European town
And imagine they will cope
Entering the western climes
The enemy within
The people living up the street
Who helped create the sin

Bombing torture invasion
Weapon sales to those
Who demonize their families
And actually who pose
A real threat to existence
In our name its what they think
We are the democracy
And that is the link

And thus radicalisation
Is rampant in their mind
Some will sway towards the day
When they may surely find
A way to get back at the
So called infidels thats us
Use a vehicle be a martyr
Really create a fuss

Blinded to emotion
They havent lost their spine
They can make a difference
Get back at the swine
Who they see as the guilty ones
Who really have to die
Who are purely fodder in the fight
It becomes their reason why

And the people are told
They are resolute
They are brave for they carry on
Whilst ramping up the security
As to freedoms gone
The elitists they take over
For it all was in our name
Whatever happens really
We are now to blame

If we go independent
Its an opportunity
To Issue British Passports again
And check our borders vehemently
To go back to the commonwealth
And trade on a global scale
And make our laws as we always did
Before we began to fail


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