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Existence as we perceive it Mummification apparently Was not the platonic action of the saints That you and me Imagine despite Hammer And the glorious Christopher LEe The bodies wrapped in swaddling And bandaged up you see Essentially were said … Continue reading

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Naivasha just 100 KM from Nairobi

The second largest fresh water lake In Africa 250 sq miles and its cold Just 15 metres deep The Rift valley if we leap Backwards BOAC flights Were sold And Would land here From 1937 for 13 years They landed … Continue reading

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Babies a very close encounter

A baby child a baby lamb About the same weight I think I am Already feeling a sense of dread That either of these could soon be dead Carnivores the majority Cannibals though few do we see Behind closed doors … Continue reading

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The Azores and the sanity of stopping whaling

To focus on the ethical My mind dwells on Taiji The Azores in mid Atlantic Were whalers actually So tradition said they kill whales Always sperm whales for they When they are hurt are easier To kill thats what they … Continue reading

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THe Petrified Forest

When great dinosaurs walked On the planet Some 2 million long years ago What we now see Is a petrified forest A realization A show Of treasures And Geological splendour A great painted desert Where we See petrified tree trunks … Continue reading

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Whale sharks of the Galapagos

What is it that makes the whale sharks Decide To come to the Galapagos No one’s denied Their beauty their wondrousness How they pacify Anyone passing And wondering why The last ocean sanctuaries Seemed so jam full Changeable currants One … Continue reading

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The Danube Delta

A half a million hectares In Romania and Ukraine The second largest in Europe With so very much to gain From wildness of an environment A wetlands thats so green A sanctuary for hundreds of birds Who seemingly convene To … Continue reading

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Flood control fish protection Carbon storage and water purification Wild life habitats truthfully Are this planets real salvation The indigenous guardian peoples Identified this, they Took on the task of giving To the environment each day Slow moving stagnant waters … Continue reading

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A meandering oath of intricacy Shifting and lifting snd drifting To be Such a life force composed As a song Rollrights enblazoned the stones all along With back bent broadcasting The seed’s winding way A quiet affirmation A teaching some … Continue reading

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I take issue with the FBI The director who made his point But why? Denigrate these mammals who Did nothing negative Which is true The indication was possibly Their investigations Possibly Did n9t come up to the standards We Imagined … Continue reading

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5000 miles a year thats a long way to fly

We are so in need of help From you As wild birds go we see A great deal of the planet And the changes now that be From the Chutotsk Peninsula To the Isthmus From North East Russia JApan NOrth … Continue reading

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Fish farming

Nothingness and emptiness An insidious degree Destruction of a species For profitability Unreal a groundless motive Existence without thought A phenomenal disclosure An abstration that is sought Unclassifiabilty with a consequence To bear The wrong association A deviation where Unidentified … Continue reading

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DOLPHINS Shot in Italy

The pollutants of sanity Clearly regress In fishermans minds The undoubted stress Of a reduced catch In the marrow of mean And the cause and effect That is mostly obscene Fish for some reason Will not swim in our nets … Continue reading

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Under the ice

The world beneath her Under the Finnish Ice To lower oneself down into the sea Through a hole you have made throw the dice In a prism of light Where Bubble worlds be Where such silence exists Awe-inspiringly Having the … Continue reading

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300 million years on earth Perfect by design In the aura of the Dinosaur These jawless fish did shine Eel like scaleless bodies Spawn in rivers they Migrate to the ocean And will return some day Existence actuality Undeniably Enduring … Continue reading

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Its all gone west

In our name They bomb cities In our name Kill and maim In our name We are responsible YES We are to blame The European Principle Of waging instant war Injuring and killing And then taking the law Into our … Continue reading

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Existence for them Has miraculously Created a world Whose historicity Is one that no matter How tiny they be They frighten the humans But how can that be? Air breathing arthropods Silk weaving souls With 4 pairs of eyes Who … Continue reading

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Red squirrels (sciurus)

These are forest rodents Arboreal omnivorus, Broad leaved woodland They love Scots Pine And NOrway Spruce And before us They would sit in common woodland All over the land Until the grey descended Which apparently wasn’t planned But the grey … Continue reading

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A matriarchal system And a wildness of the heart “sita” an asian elephant Really from the start Ended up in circus No place for any souls Be forced to travel here and there And to take on all sorts of … Continue reading

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Wildness in captivity

The industry that supports Such dreadful cruelty Of wild souls such as foxes Has to be Appreciative of exactly how aadistic The farmers are On the animals they see Take foxes they are wild And kept in cages Clearly there … Continue reading

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What goes on in one’s head

Perceptivity and awareness The aestetics of a cause The sensation and impression Its bound to make one pause Being sentient and sensitive To pain and tenderness To wake up to one’s senses And try hard not to stress There is … Continue reading

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In the wintry months The need is there For the wild birds to take flight The Kingfishers they stay here And it isnt always bright The rivers do get murky Frozen over thats the test Thats when they have to … Continue reading

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Short lived infact in the philosophy Of existence one might say Undeniably its beautiful In a truly peaceful way An individuality loving the water so In essence its long sweeping branches Where cool waters flow The sort of constitution A … Continue reading

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ALDER The tree of the now

Creation presents its realization Its sum and its substance Its perpetual relation History really the bedrock of soul The fundamentals that gave each their role The essential nature The enduring tree The forest the grove Where I to be In … Continue reading

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The henge and the rainbow

A crescent of colours Sunbeams and rain A great shimmering spangle It happened again The inner child wakens So whats that about The gold thats on offer Without any doubt Its obvious really The henge is alight A tonal intensity … Continue reading

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NEolithic and Megalithic Not far from Long Compton,made Up of oolitic limestone The Whispering Knights Or so they claim Were the first A dolmen, a burial place of sorts Followed by the Kings Men Always in our thoughts The third … Continue reading

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Women are the oxygen That lungs need to create A voice to all thats wonderful And to signify a trait Of love, through life together Respect and truth for all The Misogynistic parallel That for me we overhaul The intimacy … Continue reading

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Intelligible to them

They had developed clarity For living on the land Gave them the exposure Which helped them understand They had that visible evidence The horizon they could see It all was recognizable Eye-catching strikingly And they possessed true intellect Reasoning power … Continue reading

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Such tiny cages Screaming laments Total frustration Many atttempts Blue gloved technicians Come to be there Taxpayer funded Though few are aware The sedated mother Lifeless she lays Head on one side Some awful malaise Set full of grief Drugged … Continue reading

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Behold the golden Daffodils

SPring’s clarion call of goldenness The daffodil who has been Underneath the winter snow and frost Where in that lean icy under foot place It has swollen and has shown Its green tips to the waiting skies Yes Mother Nature … Continue reading

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