Trigger Fish

In the Andaman sea
Close to Thailand there be
A fish that we need to respect
Its aggressive and strong
And if we get it wrong
Its going to be a prospect
The problems made worse
When parental care
Is called into question
Because you are there
The female will be by her nest
With the air
Blowing onto the eggs
And not wanting to share

Her love and attention
With humans like you
Who want a good picture
As most divers do
The male will be guarding
The vicinity and he
Can be right in your face
And violently

They live near the reef
And eat the crown of thorns
Its their saving grace
But its like they have horns
If you just get to close
They can mess with your face
Bite lumps out of you
At quite a pace

Its always as well
To know what you are doing
Trigger fish like life
And if you are viewing
Their intimate practices
You can expect
A love bite
That leaves you
Really circumspect
And unlikely to get
Near them ever again
And weeks not just hours
Of considerable pain

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