The obliqueness of the corporation

A giant corporation
A transnational concern
With myriad fingers
In every pie
It isnt hard to learn
How cetaceans, Neptunes angels
And exploitation came
To be a case for the human race
Not prepared to take the blame

They are a vulgar entity
Their arrogance not unique
Amongst the commercial giants
Its the iconic that they seek
The killer whale it attracted them
They could take the market share
They didnt have the where for all
But corporates dont care

They had no experience
As ignorant as hell
Half measures they were good at them
Talentless as well
But they had lots of money
The inspirational force
And banksters in and around them
Helping them to source

Humanity NO not at all
Its the margin the bottom line
The turnover the balance sheet
That all sounds divine
The shareholders the bOard of course
And the CEO
Cetaceans could be profitable
Thats all that they know

SEA WORLD created its own world
In the confines of its walls
Who needs oceans
Who needs live fish
Who needs life the fools
Who come on through the turnstiles
Who believe all that we say
They are our bread and butter
Or our jello toast today

We can make a killing
Catch these live souls we
Can rush ahead be kingpins
The sea is where we be
We are sea workd we are who
The public wants to see
We can show them the giants
And cover the cruelty

We can use inventiveness
Resourcefulness and more
We have the bankers on our side
Our sophisticated core
Is a value that is natural
We are big enough to fight
There is no opposition
We just exert our might

We can control these giants
No one stands a chance
We are giants among giants
With the expertise to dance

Right off of the table
That is what they thought
What can animals do about it
After we have bought
Them the tanks the complete control
We can rule the roost
Profits will leap accordingly
Give us that real big boost

Their problem was their philosophy
Their ethic wasnt there
They were set up to make money
Not set up to care
The bottom line is built on
Arrogance from the start
They are so robotic
They do not possess a heart

And were dealing with cetaceans
Whose hearts are clearly there
They are very emotIonal
And understand despair
They are much more developed
In the linking and thinking game
Than we are than we could ever be
And so understand blame

Capturing snd breeding from
Wild Orca’s has to be
A very dangerous pastime
And they ignorantly
Carried on with starry eyes
Watching the profits grow
And in the good years
Forgot the bad
And got on with the show

The circus of lamentation
The weeping wailing wall
The discontent was not heaven sent
So many tears did fall
So many victims perished
Doleful woeful souls
Went to meet their maker
Despite all your controls

Trainers also perished
Or were injured some were maimed
The reason it was the trainers faults
Legally they claimed
And so the victims lists did grow
Cetaceans and humans too
As the gracelessness expanded
They were wondering what to do

Among the true cetaceans
Was pessimism for they
Had become SEA WORLDS victims
Despairing all the way
Inauspicious unpropitious
Ill omened from the start
Tortured just from captivity
They didnt have the heart

Life in tanks is awful
Dosed up with pills and stuff
Cetaceans are of all nations
And by now they have heard enough
They were suffering such torment
Their indifference all could see
Their dorsal fins and of course their skins
It was easy to be

Suffering at Sea World
Held in a bad light
Missing our lovely families
And the ocean to take flight
It was humiliation
And recently we know
TIlikum gave up the fight
And died to end the show

The haughtiness the attitude
The domineering bluster
The disrespect they gave to us
The shamlessness they muster
We are all social creatures
For us to be alone
Is cruelty personified
Sadly the seeds you have sown

Are really getting us no where
We are lamenting about the sin
You are really hostile to us
We can never win

And so the realization
Is each of us must die
To get the public active
Which of course is why

Your doors should be closed now
You are passed your sell by date
SEA WORLD its a worldwide boycott
That will seal your fate
You are a bunch of tossers
As all cetaceans know
So many have now perished
As the numbers grow and grow


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