The beginnings of a romance with life

a carpet of creativeness
Such innovation
Faeries with their bonnets glowing
Sylph like souls
Unique self sowing

Welcoming the sunlight
Life giver of the whole
Extracting subtle colours
With a rareness and a role
A mouthful of nectar
For the passing butterfy
The truest taste of majesty
To take with her on high

Kisses in predominance
With the softness of the breeze
The melody of twisting stamens
How they kind of tease
The eyes the heart the lips
To see to feel to taste to sigh
To just be moved by all of this
Sweet action in the sky

Gossamer sways of papery
Eclipsing all that green
Such sylvan groves of silence
Such abundance as they lean
Forward and then backwards
In an intense and ripe caress
An upsurge of vitality
With blossoms that do bless

A mingling snd blending
Ascending in a way
A interlacing ever facing
Integrated play

A mild melange of miscellany
An entanglement each share
The openness and oneness
Of being so aware
The forest uttered quietly
Through the mouldering we came
Given to SPring flourish
To the movement and the game

Ahead of us each cushion each ochre
Petal which
Opened to such splendour
All of perfect pitch
To some it may be random
But to Gaia it is true
Systemized and thought about
And watered by the dew

A romance to eternity
An ephemere in time
A suddenness
A flutter
How the blooms do climb
To anticipate the colours
Such excitement to the eye
These maidens dance in sequence
To a haunting lullaby

You can feel the love surrounding
Its emanation grows
All the newness of each morning
Littered by the prose
Such soundlessness uncanny
In the stillness of the day
The drama and the casting
From the great land of Fae

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