Singapura adopting a real approach to wild life

The ascendancy of humans
In the modernistic central glare
Great shards of glass and aluminum
Rise into the open air
Great snake like highways
Double up and stretch into each scene
Carrying so much traffic
It almost is obscene

Vast unbroken concrete
High rise towers just grow
Brimming full of people everywhere you go
We have become intruders in a jungle atmosphere
And begun to see the disunion and with it so much fear
The hubbub and the racket the fracas and melee
Its muddled and chaotic
But not how it has to be

SIngapore is showing us
A new way forward she
Is marshalling the common sense
And its issues sensibly
Replacing cobbled areas with water features she
And has now installed great metal platforms
Where wild life can be

Bringing in the fengshui with glass and Form and light
Encouraging wild creatures to realize their right
To become a main attraction to adapt and find a way
Of living in the city side by side with us today
Duality of circumstance with personality
Designing by dimension into eternity
Long lasting constant aspects
With uninterrupted light
Ageless and perpetual giving space both day and night

And its futuristic an outlook all can see
And the animals are coming back the birds too actually
The city has been earmarked for a rationality
Of sharing space with animals
Who forage innocently

Its up to the minute new look
Trendy to be sure
Overhanging tropicals who could want for more
Butterflies and humming birds
Draw paradise away
The randomness is beautiful
On any given day

Cleaning up the rivers shows a bold respect for all
Fish and frogs and turtles have now answered the call
Internal jungle gardens are the tendency ahead
Where the public and the wild ones can raise
Their tiny head
Take on the space and fill it
With architectural gifts
With state of the art features
And fast moving lifts
And conveyors around the areas
All displayed in glass
The urban sprawl the latest wall
Under which the trains do pass

Its technical expansion
Housing and urban sprawl
Intertexture interweaving
Can be seen by all
Balanced and well proportioned
That is really rather cool

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