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Tilikum “If you see her say hello”

The arrogance thats sea world Is mine and I do fear The mire of basic ignorance Has made me live with fear The limelight at the forefront Of those of us now who Know orca’s and Know dolphins Much better … Continue reading

GELA and the mindful of the bronze age

They had wisdom and understanding Their capacity for thought The sun and moon they realized Such imagination caught They spent their time outside more Light and heat ensured Their permanent existence Which couldn’t be ignored It was the penetration Their … Continue reading


Lateral thinking Who thinks matters through The logical process Whether its true Or not Whose assumption Are you thinking about Where is one coming from Theres so much doubt How many clear headed people are there Do they listen to … Continue reading

The obliqueness of the corporation

A giant corporation A transnational concern With myriad fingers In every pie It isnt hard to learn How cetaceans, Neptunes angels And exploitation came To be a case for the human race Not prepared to take the blame They are … Continue reading

SAtish Kumar and DARTMOOR

From Rajastan Satish came forth in search Of greener climes The thought of death And regaining breath Through the seasons and the times The books he had read of England And its green and pleasant land Of course became a … Continue reading


A being has been created As valuable as any A miracle has happened Of course we see so many The bedrock of existence Immortal for a while Phenomenal in so many ways A number and a file In some corporate … Continue reading

Feed lots

I stood up a long time ago And said out to myself aloud I will not support the meat trade I will no longer be a coward Who just eats flesh and drinks the milk Designed for calves not me … Continue reading


How can living creatures Be subjected to Unfounded and groundless reasoning As wolves now seem to do One breath says they ought to be All Blown up with dynamite When they are an integral part of nature And their place … Continue reading


Iron and steel and concrete And ingenuity All the right proportions And made so generously Up against the climate The weather and the sea The wind that howls into the bridge With such velocity The sky its there and closing … Continue reading

Bucking the trend and the history

From the neolithic period Hunter gathers realised There was no milage in the Hunting scheme of things Surprise surprise! They Decided though it was thought to be Much harder to grow food That became the order of their day However … Continue reading


A single minded commitment to the People of the land An unwavering tenacity That all could understand The privilege of being the alignment of the true To have the manoeuvrability And the leverage to pursue The heartfelt and emancipated women … Continue reading

Field theory

The contraption was huge Like a mountain of metal wheels turning and tearing The grass at my feet Stretching the corn Breaking it frighteningly It rolled towards me Coughing out heat Its rumble like thunder What was it I wonder … Continue reading

Border crossing off beaten track

It was absolutely pouring leaving Bangladesh We went into Tripura a hilly state to see A place where traditional hill tribes And religious groups now be TRipura and misoram off the beaten track A growing population here Habitat loss attack … Continue reading

A place of rivers

Bangladesh a country full of rivers The Padma one mean raging torrent she Set up by the Himalaya melt water Hitting muddy banks and ruggedly Tearing mud from off those banks and sending Farm land curling into the river where … Continue reading

Working elephants

LAos land of a million Elephants Thats its name to fame But actually the numbers Do not meet the claim There might be 1000 wild ones And The 500 or so Used as working specimens Its horrendous as we know … Continue reading

Corporations and habitat loss

The jungle and the forests Around the world are seeing Major deforestation And its down to the human being Whose life has become disordered Up against great GAIA she Is suffering from the vagaries Of the corporate who see A … Continue reading


There was never an undertaking From the Human beings who came an took me prisoner And were negative all through We were a pod of visonaries In a great ocean of blue Undying in our principles Of always being true … Continue reading

A wide open ocean

A sea bird a wide open ocean The horizon apparently far I have wings and I do have the notion To leap and to fly and to star In my very own dramatic picture A phantom a spectre a ghost … Continue reading

The depths I dreamed I went to

Finally they killed me With their kindness And their pills With their frozen fish Their rotten tricks Their arrogance That spills In and out of all of us The bathtub tank as well No where really to swim to Purely … Continue reading

I gaze into an open sky

I juggle words For words far flung And near Create a world for me Of wonderment Where I can see Volumes of poetry Old and new Littering shelves You know thats true Many a worm from long ago Got drunk … Continue reading

Arch druid

Respect The only archdruid A women with insight Judgement knowledge Its all there Affable kind Willing to share Considerate Good tempered too Unruffled Let me say to you Respect you earn Respect and I Knowing you Well I can fly … Continue reading

Bridges and brie

A-plan they are in Hemel Have a variety of blokes Same haircut all in grey suits And a lady, and she’s no hoax She is into cheeses And knows more types than most And she told me how the flavour … Continue reading

Yellowstone – pika colonies

Colonies of pika run The gauntlet in the frosty sun Coyote hawk and weasel might Like a take away at night But pika know a thing or two They are very able and all day through Are on the lookout … Continue reading

Yellowstone-lightening strikes

The fallen wood and the grasses high With all this heat Are of course bone dry A lightening strike And the tinder burns Wild fires develop And the concerns Are many among the creatures who Know now what they have … Continue reading

Yellowstone- adapt my son

The plight alas of the grizzly bears Who are also struggling too Hibernation time is coming The bellies of a few Are heaving, with food slowly digesting Over time but the pine nuts That the grizzlies relish The pine beetles … Continue reading

Yellowstone -Taking it to another level

2000 metres up a sight for sore eyes Everywhere An entirety of colour that excites the eyes To care Fulfilment of the spirit brimming with such light Wild flower carpets deck the place With character building sight Butterflies so delicate … Continue reading

Yellowstone Mother beaver saves her children and moves to a new lodge

The drama from the natural world Transcending all of time The lodge due to its shallowness The odds were beginning to climb SNake River it was drying up And the pond that she had made With melt water gone rapidly … Continue reading

Yellowstone The wolves

The summer sun was hotter still And some sprinklers had been left on To dampen down the pasture So not all the grass had gone Which attracted the ground squirrels To delay their hibernation To get about and eat the … Continue reading

Yellowstone -The times they are a changing

Dylan was out there in front long ago Times were a changing as we all know And now its the climate existence abroad Its actuality that some can’t afford Looking at yellowstone That great sanctuary With the realization That a … Continue reading

Will in the face of many obstacles

A singular mind Ungrudgingly so Who on his own initiative Thought he could grow A forest Where there was no forest For he Knew the power and the need Of the growing tree Majuli the biggest river island The world … Continue reading