Monthly Archives: January 2017

WIllow wonderment

From a twig a simple twig I fell to earth And I could feel The life force It excited me That I could be A Willow Tree In essence absolutely Tangible was I The sap drawn from the River’s edge … Continue reading

The beginnings of a romance with life

a carpet of creativeness Inventiveness Such innovation Faeries with their bonnets glowing Sylph like souls Unique self sowing Welcoming the sunlight Life giver of the whole Extracting subtle colours With a rareness and a role A mouthful of nectar For … Continue reading


We can bang on our drums We can pray to the sky We can talk up our treaties As the embers fly We can stand at the gate of our land And proclaim That we dont want the black snake … Continue reading

Forestra (the players in the orchestra of the forest)

Realness and reality Undeniable fact The fundamental life force And how we all react To the individuality The substance and the sum The enduring the immortal What is a rule of thumb The ballet of the forest All the players … Continue reading

The river doesn’t want the black snake under it

Since Trump came in And signed up on Dakota Pipe line,he Saw their stock rise by 7 a 1/2 per cent And did agree There was a time he held a lot Up to a million but He divested himself … Continue reading

Executive Orders

The executive order Was signed yesterday No communication Just this is the day I am the leader What I say goes And ETP reckon Now that it shows THat I mean business The pipe line must be Fully operational Fracked … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

Hiding in the sand

I have an answer for TAIJI For the poacher men who get into the sea Lets go and find some BOBBIT WORMS Its the monster that bites and squirms Lives in the sea bed and pokes its snout Out to … Continue reading

Undertakings must be made

In breeding is a crime against humanity Its evil strangely injurious and wrong Creating the white tiger Leucism pigmentation problems and aadness All along In the wild a tiger must be orange Camouflage allows attAck to be Possible its how … Continue reading

The black snake cometh and we goeth

Razor wire And robocops Thats the life thats guaranteed The planet reeling From the oil The coal The fracking YES Indeed The thugs The Dapla security Paid with dirty oil money AMerica land of the free Oil pipes leaking Constantly … Continue reading