NEw Zealand of all places
Don their cowboy attire
And sacrifice our sanity
In aggressive acts so dire
On calves on bulls on horses
The running roping acts
And causing really bad distress
And for sure they are the facts

These are living breathing souls
For sponsors to deny
The cruelty the evil
And ofcourse each lie
They tell of electric prodders
Clearly in the hand
Of so called cowboys
Arse oles!
And of course all of that noise

Rodeo is and ugly pastime
From a different time
Neanderthals may have done this
But its ill judged
And the climb
we all have made
Away from naked cruelty to me
Its disturbing that folk honestly
Support this infamy

Reverting to such behaviour
Is upsetting when we see
a calf run off
And get lassoo’ed and flip so dangerously
The stress is really tantamount
To criminal and I
Would like to put these cowboys through it
Just see if they fly

And wantbto be dragged back by their neck
For It seems to me
The outcome must be total stress
Attributed to the way
They are terribly manhandled
And treated every day

And what is it all about
A power trip to enthrall
The ladies tell me something else
There has to be a school
Of thought
that sees this aggression
As cowardly from the start
Subjecting little babies
To pain it just lacks heart

To me it shows impotent sense
Their good for nothing ways
A complete moral weakness
With them all their days
A disequilibrium
A fraility of soul
Which is actually seen as powerless
In their effort to control

Calves are really vulnerable
And debilitated here
Really sapped of what strength they have
And left in pain and fear
Left fatigued and tottering
Neutralized and weak
How can that be seen as right
Its lily livered speak

The energy and fervour
A horse trying to leap
Over a high barrier
Inside of me I weep
Its violence 6 men holding down
A horse who struggles hard
The roughness and the frenzy
That animal will be scarred

Sponsors of aggression
Hold all this on course
Attracting other cowboy types
Who clearly love to force
Theirselves upon an animal
And drag it to the ground
Clearly threatening its tender limbs
And the screaming thats around

Its interllectual suicide
Clearly no thinking here
Sponsoring such a philosophy
To me its very clear
These people are in a time warp
A thoughtlessness today
Absorbed perhaps in empty headedness
Which may never go away

They turn a blind eye to it all
Pooh pooh it just exclude
The cruelty and the ugliness
That really does exude
It is discrimination
And naivete
To imagine this behaviour
People want to see

Its misdirected venom
Deluded off the beam
Glossing over cruelty
Its moronic and it would seem
To flourish in this day and age
Though why i cannot say
Except people are vacant
Making others pay

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